Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finding Joy in the Routine

Hi, my name is Taylor.  That piece of information you already know, but I feel I need to reintroduce myself, after such a long break.  Over the past few months, I've been in the process of simplifying my business endeavors and growing them, at the same time.  I felt led to solely focus on one passion (which can be a bit of a challenge for this "like to do a little bit of everything" girl), but it has been the greatest blessing.  It's always nice when things fall into place, after months of transition and growth.

So, what's new?  Not much, lately, except a haircut.  :)  Which leads me to my thought of the I okay with the that?  I am.  Don't get me wrong, we should always be striving for growth in our walks with the Lord and personal development, but I'm talking life in the general sense.  We often get caught up in the thrill of exciting events and waiting for the next big thing, but those times aren't the norm.  Most days consist of waking up to my alarm, if my cat doesn't wake me up, first (I can usually feel her eyes watching me and begging me to pat her on the head...umm, good morning), getting ready for the day, collaborating with Momma on meals and trying a new gluten free recipe, running my home business, researching health and wellness, corresponding with customers and friends, working on projects (I usually have at least one thing I'm working on...currently, it is the Pillow Case Challenge), helping around the house, and the usual "life" stuff.  Pretty normal, eh?  I'm sure your days consist of much of the same (laundry, meals/meal planning, cleaning, family time, errands, etc.).  It's easy to get discontent with the normal, but it's really an opportunity to find joy.  I'm finding joy in this season, because the normal doesn't always stay "normal."  Are we faithful in the mundane?  Are we joyful in the most basic tasks?  Are we patient, if we are in a waiting stage?  I haven't arrived in this area, but I'm closer than I was, several years ago.  It has taken time and the Lord's patient work, in my heart.  There are times I wish the next stage of life would come, but I know with it will come excitement, but also routines that will need to be carried out with joy.  So, I'm using this time to pray for a joyful heart and make the little things special (fun shopping trips with Mom and Leah, grocery shopping days equal iced coffee runs, and cleaning days are a good excuse to pull out Michael Buble's Christmas album...yes, I know it's August.)  :)

What's the Lord asking of you, in your season?  Is He asking you to find contentment in the everyday or is He teaching you to trust Him, in a new and exciting season?  Each season brings its own set of challenges and opportunities to grow.

Until next time...


  1. Good thoughts, Taylor! I often get caught up in thinking my life is the most boring ever lol Which I know my life is a little different than most. But I will often see people who are constantly going on trips, hanging out with friends, doing fun stuff, etc. and I feel like my life is so...basic. But that's not necessarily a bad thing! As you pointed out, we should always be growing in our relationship with the Lord. So that's the most important thing!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! It was something the Lord laid on my heart. I hear ya! You can make a difference, simply by doing the ordinary. I appreciate you! <3


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