Saturday, April 9, 2016

(Gluten Free) Cupcake Success!

I admit it! I struggle greatly in the cake department. I usually attempt a cake every six months, because it takes that long to forget how unsavory the last one ended. I've tried many recipes and they all ended the same...too grainy, too oily, too flat, etc. I had almost resigned to the fact that if I ever wanted a cake, I'd have to ask Margaret Barry to make me one. Since we started gluten free, I haven't attempted a cake. But, seeing as my mom's love language is spelled "CUPCAKES" and seeing as we never get them, I decided to be brave and attempt cupcakes (gluten free, that is). If you're a gluten free fan, then you already know that gluten free baking can be very different, so I was prepared for these to not go as planned. I scoured Pinterest, reading tons of cake/cupcake recipes and finally decided to use one that called for Bob's Red Mill 1-1 baking flour. So, I mixed them up and popped them in oven. Hmmm...this might work after all! After consulting my taste testers (a.k.a, my family) the vote was to go for buttercream icing, while the cupcakes were cooling. Do you know how many buttercream icings there are on Pinterest? Um, several. I decided to go for the one with less sugar and it was still too sweet, so I added more butter, vanilla, half and half, and a pinch of salt. Now, to ice and taste!

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I wasn't confident they would be good enough to share. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly. (Actually, the "Hallelujah Chorus" chimed, after the first bite.) Yum! I've been asked to make these weekly, so I think we've found a winner! The crumb is super soft and has a wonderful texture. You would never know they are gluten free! Really...they are so good. Thanks to Erin (the lady who came up with this recipe) for sharing her "perfect" cupcake secrets!

Here are the links to the recipes!

Cupcakes - Click here!

Notes: The only change I made is that I used arrow root powder, instead of the cornstarch.

Icing - Click here!

Notes: I halved this recipe for 12 cupcakes. It was too sweet, for my taste, so I added an extra half stick of butter, more vanilla, milk, and a pinch of salt. I didn't measure my extras, as it was to taste.

I hope you will give these a try! Meanwhile, there are more cupcakes sitting on our counter, so I will be having a good lesson in self-control. (Hopefully!) Cupcakes don't come around often, so who knows?